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From September 15, 2013. Seven guests discussing Indigenous-settler relations, Indigenous naming, the Nepean Redskins name, and what decolonization means. Speakers: Jennifer Adese, Alexa Lesperance, Neal Freeland, Ed Bianchi, Jean-Luc Fournier, Ian Campeau, Qajaq Robinson. Host: Darren Sutherland. Video produced by

KAIROS calls for “right relationship”

Ed Bianchi will be presenting at Niigaan on June 8th.

KAIROS is 11 Canadian churches and religious organizations working on social justice, including Indigenous rights. Although KAIROS was formed in 2001, its Indigenous rights work stretches back to the late 60s and early 70s when churches realized that the historical relationship with Indigenous peoples had to change, and change drastically!

The change involved acknowledging that the churches’ relationship with Indigenous peoples is founded on colonial practices and attitudes. It involved shifting the focus of this relationship to the recognition and implementation of treaty and Indigenous rights; to a just, nation-to-nation relationship based on solidarity with Indigenous peoples. It involved engaging in public education and political action with governments and corporations on social, economic, environmental and cultural issues.

KAIROS calls for “right relationship” with Indigenous peoples. This means educating ourselves about how we, as churches and as settlers, have contributed to the oppression of Indigenous peoples, and how we continue to do so. It means listening and learning, dialogue and action. It means understanding the racist attitudes and policies that are at the root of current inequities and injustices. It means shining a bright light on our colonial history. It means understanding the need for systemic change.

For KAIROS, being in “right relationship” means acknowledging that we are all “treaty people” and that that means working collaboratively towards a more equitable and sustainable society. It means becoming aware of the fact that ongoing violations of Indigenous rights and sovereignty are harmful to the land and water upon which we all rely. It means understanding that injustice impacts us all and that solutions lie in working together towards our collective liberation. In short, it means realizing that, as the Anishnaabe prophecy declares, Indigenous and settler must come together to build the “8th Fire” of justice and harmony.

Ed Bianchi

Niigaan: An evening of conversation

Saturday, June 8, 2013
from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa
550 Cumberland St
Ottawa, ON Canada

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Niigaan: An evening of conversation will centre on treaty responsibilities and understanding the treaty relationship that formed Canadian society.

Host: Waubgeshig Rice
Speakers: Chelsea Vowel, Ed Bianchi, John Borrows, Shiri Pasternak, and others


Inform on:

  • Indigenous protocols, cultures and traditions
  • Indigenous perspectives on the treaties
  • Settler interpretations of the treaties
  • Treaty scope and meaning

Share ideas and discuss solutions:

  • Brainstorm possible activities to recognize and respect treaty responsibilities
  • Possible creation of a treaty working group
  • Encourage personal commitment to making change

Participate in ceremony together
Build a nation to nation relationship for positive change

Treaty workshops

The Niigaan Coalition has received many requests for ways to get more involved here in Odawa. We really feel your energy and enthusiasm for recreating relationships here on Turtle Island.

We are very excited to announce the first Niigaan workshop series examining Treaties.

July 10, July 31, August 14
Gallery 101, 301 Bank St.
6–8pm. Donations accepted

(Note the new time!)

The exercise uses blankets to represent the lands of what is now Canada, and the distinct cultures and nations which live on those lands to this day. Participants represent the First Peoples; when they step onto the blanket, they are taken back in time to the arrival of Europeans. Two participants are selected to play the roles of the Narrator and a European while the exercise goes through the history of treaty-making, colonization and resistance that resulted in the nation we today call Canada. This workshop will be led by Ed Bianchi of KAIROS.

The workshop will be followed by discussion to ensure deeper understanding. Invited guests will be present to contribute their perspectives.

Please share widely.

For more information or to register, please email, or call 613-868-6983.