Biskaabiiyang Winter Gala and Red Man Laughing Live Podcast

Captura de pantalla 2013-12-08 a la(s) 22.51.26Our Winter Fundraising Gala is just two days away!  We are so excited to share with everyone a fantastic evening of conversation, music and dancing, great food and most importantly: celebration.

Winter Time is the time of year where the earth becomes covered in snow. It’s a time for rest and reflection. Last winter we rose. We did not rest, we did not reflect. We took to the malls, the streets, and the hills. The community rallied around, there was a desperate feeling, people gathered at teach-ins, the scent of medicines was everywhere. We need to get that energy back. Niigaan: In Conversation asked ourselves, what happened to the fire? The problems are still here, we still have work to do. Let’s get together as a community and talk about our future.

The Evening’s Programme:

  1. Tickets can be purchased at the Panorama Room of the National Arts Centre beginning at 4:30
  2. Doors open at 5 – performance by Gerri Trimble with guests, Dinner is served
  3. 5:30 –Performances by surprise musical guests, Lawrence Martin and Zorga Qaunaq!
  4. 6 pm. Opening by Barbara Hill, Elaine and Theland Kicknosway
  5. 6:30 – Introduction and comedy from Ryan McMahon
  6.  6:30- Red Man Laughing live Podcast
  7. 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. – Conversation/Q&A
  8. 8:30 – 9 p.m. – Mosha Folger performance
  9.  9 p.m. – Live Holiday Auction
  10. 9:30 – Mingling and DJing and Dancing

It is very important to is that children be made welcome and are included in community events such as this. We will have some skilled childminders to keep an eye on children over 6-years old (contribution requested), so bring your family!

The National Arts Centre will be catering dinner included with ticket purchase.  The National Arts Centre will also have a cash bar at the Biskaabiiyang Gala.

Finally, we will be accepting credit card payment, either at the door or for Auction purchases.

Tickets can also be bought here:

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